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Enabling the Future of Farming

Helping growers overcome manual labor shortage challenges

Manual Labor is Expensive and Difficult to Source

Manual labor accounts for almost half of the operational costs in fruit production. There is a high demand for physical tasks throughout the year in vineyards and other fruit and berry farms. Most farmers rely on seasonal workers to assist them with those tasks, but each year there are fewer workers willing to do such tasks. Foreign workers are not willing to leave their families behind for 8 months and local workforce are more inclined to work in other sectors. As the demand for food and crops increases, the declining agricultural labor puts a huge pressure on the growers.  


Autonomous Robots to Fill in the Labor Gap

Most of the manual tasks in vineyards and fruit farms are highly repetitive and algorithmic, making them a suitable candidate for automation.

Ladybug Robotics is enabling growers with intelligent machines that sense the environment using an advanced sensor suite, navigate autonomously and perform tasks with high precision and under strict quality control. Our robots offer plant-level automation and precision agriculture as a service to the farmers.

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